Theres only two weeks separating us from 2022. That is why I am very careful this time making bold astrology predictions. Because of Donald Trump Republicans lost the Georgia Senate races in 2020, and Mitch McConnell is Senate Minority Leader. April, May, June, July 2022 will be more positive months for President Biden to get things done. It can also signify a fatherly relationship, and the way we parent and discipline ourselves. The birth time has A rating, not AA rating. In 2022, youre about to have a meeting with your own destiny as the eclipses (solar April 30, lunar November 8) in your sign align you with a deeper sense of meaning. WebElections to the U.S. House will be held on November 5, 2024. We wish President Biden a speedy recovery. The election chart has a Moon-Venus conjunction in Sagittarius, so a woman with foreign roots may well be one of the candidates. McCarthy will be in some challenging time just before the midterm election, between Oct 24 and Nov 8, according to his astrology chart. But then the 2020 pandemic arrived. First 8 months of 2023 are very difficult months for the US economy. Yearly Horoscope 2022. kundali dasha & Remedies Horoscope Today, April 17, 2023: Read your astrological predictions for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Others; Biden vs Trump again? President Biden will be prone to some health problems during August, September, October, November, December 2022. The audience murmured with excitement as Weingarten warned President Joe Bidens horoscope is very, very, very challenging and is the exact opposite of Trumps horoscope in 2016. Learn how character shapes destiny, and what to do about it. Polls could be wrong this time, astrologers could be wrong also because the midterm election is happening on the day of eclipse. Midterm election right now is anybodys ballgame. Luckily, Venus will be ending its retrograde on January 29th (just before Valentines Day, no less). Some GOP candidates who completely went against Trump are still winning the primaries, while others are losing the primaries despite receiving Trump endorsements.'. Be Your Own Astrologer. US economy will be looking very good. Powered by renewable energy, decentralized, with every household delivering and receiving power from every other household. Go for attempts in Donald Trump's career life as the success is assured. Donald Trump may get indulge into unwanted expenditure. If you think I am doing a good job and my astrology predictions are enlightening then please feel free to pay an optional fee by clicking the "Buy Now" button, with your comments. Approach towards love, romance and life in general is not encouraging. McCarthy's time is very bad from Oct 24 to Nov 13 this year close to the midterm election. 20th October 1964 21.28 Oakland, California AS: 24 GE. I am getting same answer from his astrology chart also. Each area where there has been pollution will undergo a transformation which will radically reduce or eliminate pollution. You can see the wrangling over abortion in the American horoscope from September 2 nd 2024 until Physically as well as mentally Donald Trump will be very courageous during this period. In my 2022 astrology predictions for President Biden, I had predicted, more than a year ago, that July 2022 will be a good month for President Biden to get things done. 25th December 1991, 20.45 Moscow AS 25 Leo. The Moon conjoining Chinas Ascendant show the people ruling its the Peoples Republic of China and in the period from 2025-29 the people will take power and react against autocracy. We are heading towards a challenging time in November, December 2021. It doesn't matter whether Roe vs Wade is overturned or not, it has already energized the American people especially women voters across the country to vote for Democrats. We will make Trump 2023 astrology predictions in third week of December this year. I had predicted Donald Trumps indictment in my Trump Astrology update posted a year ago on July 3, 2021. Donald Trump will generous and help people. Guesswork is not going to help Donald Trump in any field so it should be avoided. There will be religious ceremony at home and name, fame and luck due to that. Purchase of land and machinery should be postponed for some time. The new age of Air is an age when everything is about particles and waves. This is certainly not good news for Donald Trump. Our Democracy and voting rights are on ballot this time. Her Sun progressed went to conjoin her Descendant and South Node when she became vice-president. The emphasis on Aquarius will see the rise of implants, particularly in the brain, and especially after Pluto enters Aquarius. WebMy astrology prediction given 2 years ago was that Trump Indictments will come before May 1, 2024, most likely in the time window from March 4, 2023, to July 15, 2023, and Yearly Horoscope 2022. kundali dasha & Remedies Horoscope Today, April 17, 2023: Read your astrological predictions for Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Others; Biden vs Trump again? And your date of birth is your Janmank (your Number as per The pandemic precipitated the biggest economic crisis in modern history. Astrologically, what's in store for him in the next 2-3 years and in the long run? Jupiters retrograde can shake your sense of purpose and duty, leading you to question your broader long-term goals in life. 4. I believe the political party that will have momentum going for them between October 25 and the mid-term election day will be the winner in this mid-term election. Take a look at some of the other notable eclipses, retrogrades, and transits for the year ahead to see what the cosmos have in store for you this year: Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse (April 30). The midterm election is on the day of the eclipse on November 8. The major theme for the year will be a connection, not only to ourselves but also to others. China: 1st October 1949. President Donald Trump. This is a difficult and challenging year for President Biden. It seems like the Special Counsel Jack Smiths Trump criminal investigations are in final stages also, as people in the Donald Trumps inner circle such as Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Mark Meadows are subpoenaed by the special counsel. I hope you enjoyed my astrology predictions for former President. 95% correct. His influence on US citizens will only grow, but political positions will in general become more hardline. Pluto will complete its return in the sign of Capricorn, creating a potentially society-altering juxtaposition of power and change. Kevin McCarthy according to his astrology chart, will enter difficult and challenging time between Oct 26 to Nov 15, 2022, just before the midterm election. The US presidential election isn't the only thing in Donald Trump's future. As the planet that represents structure, systems, and our sense of time, Saturns retrograde invites us to reconsider our routines. I had also indicated during this time opposition / enemies will be strong. Retrogrades have a way of revealing hidden truths, so expect dreamy Neptunes backwards rotation to have an effect on your spiritual side. Donald Trump's enemies will not be able to plunk before Donald Trump. The electricity grid? You have worked hard at creating beauty in your life and you have breathed your way through the process. China GOP knows voter fraud is a lie, but they keep promoting it. We will see how these difficult periods will play out for President Biden. Physical wars will slowly become redundant, but cyber wars will not. Russian Flag up. It could reveal insights about what we fight for, and how we can channel aggression into productive change. A six is usually more WE oriented than ME oriented. Distractions and detours have all been part of the process, but you held on gently and reassuringly, leading the way up to this point. Astrology prediction given on March 1, 2021 came correct. GOP may split into two parties at some point in future, because of Donald Trump, either way they will find it very difficult to win elections in future. The next election which will as usual be corrupt will be on March 17th 2024, when Saturn is at 11 Pisces and the Sun conjoins Neptune at 27 Pisces, so it is going to be a foggy affair. Physical ailments are also possible. We have an indictment that may be coming out of New York, we have an indictment in Fulton County that looks like it is coming. This period is marked by the change in place and change in job. 528K jobs are added in July 2022, and unemployment is at 3.5% (50-year low). American people are realizing corporate profits have skyrocketed and still they are raising prices. According to Yearly-Horoscope, more than 70 per cent of his prophecies have been fulfilled so far. Series of six rare Uranus-Pluto trines from 2025-2028. While much of 2022s astrology signifies change on the global stage, this years eclipses are in the signs of Scorpio and Taurusthis is where things start to get personal. Gains from superiors and higher authorities are also indicated. One or more than one witnesses may have lied during their testimony, may have perjured themselves. In fact, turnout is even surpassing 2018 levels. All is well, Sagittarius. Donald Trump's friends and associates shall not keep their promises. If we see the past US mid-term election history, we will find that the President's opposition party usually wins the mid-term election. Go beyond sunsigns and see the personal effect of all the planets in your life. (Note 1) The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius sets the scene for a new socially-conscious style of government ill-suited to the narcissism of Trump. Biden / Harris will face decline in poll numbers. The astrology prediction has again come correct. Too many shooting incidents are happening across the country. According to Vedic Astrology scheduling any important matter such as marriage, job interview, childbirth, travel etc., on the eclipse day is not considered auspicious. Donald Trump will spend money freely. There is nothing much President Biden or Republicans can do to control high inflation. The world is now going through a huge transition presaged by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero Aquarius on the winter solstice in December 2020. Donald Trump can make great progress professionally. Kundli. If psychic John Cohan is correct, Paul McCartney should stay away from Mick Jagger in the new year. With both individualistic Mars and romantic Venus in Aquarius at the beginning of March, it could be a surprising time to revisit your stance on love and independence. Know yourself, know your partner, and create the romantic spark. Aug 9, 2022 Replying to @jessicacadams I wondered if you were awake yet..nice work. There will also be challenges ahead for Trump especially near June 5, as a Lunar Eclipse will fall on his Moon at 21 Sagittarius and oppose his Sun at 22 Gemini. Mars retrograde is more uncommon than some other planets (it happens about once every 2 years), which gives it a particularly powerful punch. 56 projections. The main astrological narrative of 2021 was Saturn, the planet of hard work, boundaries, and restrictions, squaring off against Uranus, Be careful of wicked friends as Donald Trump's reputation could be made to suffer on their account. Then in my subsequent astrology updates I had mentioned the time window between March and September 2023. They are not going to happen, because every car will be a lot more intelligent that its driver. But Pence will lose in the court very quickly, because Donald Trumps time is so bad in the coming months according to his astrology chart that indictment is imminent. Remember the NY Prosecutors are investigating Donald Trump for many, many years but they never brought any charges against Donald Trump. As the planet that represents the underworld, expect for secrets to be revealed, the marginalized to rise up, and chances for a phoenix to rise from the ashes. Biden's approval rating now stands at 42%. My astrology prediction given 2 years ago come correct when Donald Trump was indicted on March 30 this year. Donald Trump Dont know what the future will bring? While much of 2022s astrology signifies change on the global stage, this years eclipses are in the signs of Scorpio and Taurusthis is where things start to get But the astrology prediction for Trump indictment is right on target. In case of Senate, we may have to wait for the Georgia Senate runoff election. REUTERS/Diego Vara/File Photo. It may become especially difficult to make decisions, communicate your needs accurately, or stay on task. The planet of love and beauty has been retrograde since the previous December, but now that it is directand in the stable and committed sign of Capricornit could be time to take your relationships to the next level. Discover the key to your unique life path & personality. Accuracy Track Record for the Electoral College of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election on November 3, 2020: As of October 20, 2022: FiveThirtyEights Nate Silver. Predictions shouldnt be read by a single factor alone, and as far as COVID is still surging during this time. GOP has not shown their plan to control inflation to the American people so far. As one of the outer planets, Plutos path is a slow one, meaning it hasnt made a full revolution in 225 years! Next four months are very sensitive for the country, for our economy, war like situation and this is the time window when we will see Donald Trump indictments come through. Vice President Kamala Harris's astrology chart also indicates a very challenging time. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. It is said that Donald Trump is planning to run in 2024. Just be sure not to let memories of the past dictate your vision of the future. Also of interest is the so-called Tecumseh curse, which was the prediction that all presidents elected in zero years 1900, 1920, 1940 etc. Early voting data looks very good for Democrats. This was the reason why I hesitated to make a bold astrology prediction for the midterm election, because the election was on the day of the eclipse. Inflation and higher gas prices will have impact on our lives for few months, perhaps a year or so. And Thomas has a lot to say about whats in store for 2022. The CHIPS Act, PACT Act and Inflation Reduction Act are passed. I had also indicated in my President Biden's Astrology article that there will be war like situation in 2023 also. Read on to know your lucky number, career, Look what happened this week. In my President Joe Biden Astrology predictions for the year 2023, I had predicted challenging time for the country between February and October 2023, two year ago. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. I found President Zelensky of Ukraines birth time details also with A rating on internet. 1917 The Russian revolution, 1953 Stalins death, 1989 the dissolution of the Soviet Union, mark the 36-year Saturn-Neptune conjunction cycle. How will that go down with Xi Jinping, who like Putin is also born on the exact Saturn-Neptune conjunction from 1953? Clearly often failing. Things will start getting sorted out. In the coming days Trump will be going through very challenging time, the indictment will become almost inevitable as more hidden details will come to surface. This is a great time to channel your thoughts into art to uncover. The problem is that we dont know President Putins accurate birth time details with AA ratings, which is needed to make accurate astrology predictions about this war. Either way Trump will be indicted before May 1, 2024, this was my astrology prediction given in July 2021. Democrats have a chance in this mid-term election because of the following, despite President Biden's low approval rating right now: 1. Five astrology predictions for 2022 Innovations in medicine and arts According to Borsch, from January to July, things will be predictable. Speak to a live expert for a 1-on-1 analysis. In itself this was quite a good clue to the Democrats winning the election. In my opinion 300+ million Americans will get vaccinated either by April 2022, or by end of 2022, and Coronavirus will be contained. Expect more Scorpio energy in the fall with a partial New Moon Solar Eclipse just before Halloween, but this one could help you find a sense of relief with complicated feelings, or even help connect you with your ancestors. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place every 20 years, but this one is special. But even next year from March 2023 to May 1, 2024, is very bad for Trump. 2024 will be the best year in President Biden's first Presidential Term. It is unlikely Trump will be imprisoned, but his astrology says it will help his political career. Many people have asked me to write about Donald Trump and the 2024 Presidential Election. May, June this year and November, December this year will be somewhat difficult months for American people. Donald Trump will get happiness from the life partner and children. Kamala Harris. The major events in Russia have historically resonated with Saturn-Neptune conjunctions, which often signify State measures to alleviate poverty and suffering. That is why they have 34 counts in the indictment. So many people are asking me this question When Donald Trump will be indicted?. The readers should remember we do not have AA rating birth time from President Bidens birth certificate. When we see Mike Pence's testimony than we will know the indictment is coming. We are hoping COVID will be slowly contained after May 1, 2022. Since this midterm election is on the day of the eclipse, so there could be some problem or delay in getting the results. Remember Democrats overperformed polls, in the House special elections in end of August this year, after Roe vs Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. Jupiter sextile Pluto thinks so. In the 2016 and 2020 elections, polls famously underestimated Republicans. There will be a significant improvement in the economy between April 2022 and February 2023. Republican party will not do anything to stop gun violence. There will be decline in poll numbers during this period for President Biden. This will happen in 2024 Roe vs wade and gun violence will change our lives for many, many decades. 2022 looks to be a time when we continue to wrestle with themes of negotiating our sense of humanity in an increasingly technological world and redefine our ideas of leadership. The chances are very high, if Trump will be indicted this year, then it will happen between October 20 and December 14 this year, if not through the Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation, then through some other criminal investigation. Donald Trump will maintain a harmonious relations ship with all. 2022 will bring you a surge of entrepreneurship and a greater focus on leadership Jupiter will be especially busy in 2022, as he will dance into Aries from May Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces (April 12). This is certainly not good news for Donald Trump. Communications and negotiations will click for Donald Trump and bring in new opportunities. In September, Mercury Rx hits again, this time in the signs of Virgo and Libra. Horoscope & love: Aquarius told to focus on the good ahead of unpredictability in 2022 AQUARIUS is the star sign that covers those born between January 20 and February 18. This will be Republican partys slogan in 2022 midterm election, but I am not buying it. So far President Joe Biden's astrology predictions for 2021 /2022 are coming correct. WebHailed by the press as the New Nostradamus psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker gives his psychic predictions for 2022. These predictions are amazing and very likely to happen. The US economy will be doing very well in 2024, before the 2024 Presidential Election. Donald Trump may get indulge into unwanted expenditure. #2022 -2023 #astrology2022, #2022predictions, #astrology2022 -2023 #newyearpredictions 2022 is going to be a Donald Trump Impeachment, 3 years before Donald Trump got impeached (prediction given on internet on January 20, 2017). But Trump was an anomaly, and he was only ever going to be a one-term president. She has a great horoscope for governance with a full moon constellating harmoniously with Saturn in Aquarius, so competence, cooperation and leadership come naturally to her. Please remember March, April, May, June, July 2023 are very sensitive and challenging months for the country and our economy as well. According to the Forewoman of the Georgia Grand Jury, Emily Kohrs, the Georgia Grand Jury recommended indictments of multiple people in 2020 Presidential Election interference for range of crimes. paul hawkins hawkeye net worth, dvla sensitive casework team address,

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